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General characteristics:

  • Dining Room service is offered in three buildings: Education Biterin children under 5 years of primary education up to the level of 6, 2 to 4 years and Markola Olives Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education 2 years until the 6th primary.
  • Meals are brought from the outside because the kitchen service. Ausolan company offers service.
  • Dining monitors, counting the number of regular contracts Diners Ausolan company.
  • Dining is a school teacher and she is responsible for coordination and management of the works.



  • All guests have to eat the same menu but with food (lactose, gluten ...) intolerance to adapt the menu to the The Students that when they bring the medical certificate.
  • Special Diet (no Swine, vegetarian) are also offered for those who need to do.
  • No meat menu, the menu has become a vegetarian.
  • Excursions: Dining Students will be given a bag of food.
  • Parents will be sent a list of the menus for three months.




  • The dining room is divided into the Quarterly Report.
  • 2-year-old rooms are divided into daily report explaining the minor incidents.
  • 3 and 4 years if it had only been sent to the Daily Report.


Shifts lunch:

The first two rounds are organized in three buildings, 12: 30h to 13: 30 and the second from 13: 30h to 14: 30h.

  • BITERI CE5 years building LH3 1st round. Ranging in 2nd round LH4tik LH6 eat. Until level.
  • Markola 1st round and 2nd round LH HH2 CE5 years until the whole lunch.
  • Olives and the second in the first round two years only eat three and four years old.






Dining 8 payments: from October to May. We are only in the morning, and dining room for those who use these days, these days, the first and last payments will be charged.

Dining a payment receipt, will result in the loss of dining places.
Receipt dead before 5 will be charged.
This standard procedure:

  • ? Sent a note saying that they have to pay.
  • If they do not pay, send a note Summoned to a meeting, where they will explain the reasons for non-payment fee.
  • Dining Commission will assess the problem and reach an agreement.
  • ?Bilera horretara azaltzen ez badira edo akordioa ez badute betetzen, Batzorde Iraunkorra elkartuko da dagokion erabakia hartzeko eta hartu den erabakia idatzi baten bidez jakinaraziko zaie, erabakia iritsi daiteke jangelako zerbitzua ez erabiltzea (Publikoko Eskola-Jantokiak Arautegi Orokorrak, 3.orrian adierazten duen bezala ).

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